• Lindsay Gould

More Than a Table

We are moving, its not a big move, but the right move. We have purchased a beautiful piece of land on a mountain side which boasts a beautiful home to raise our family in. Our current house doesn't have a table, this may seem odd, but our current home is an 865 square foot rancher, there was no room for a table. Did this make this house any less a home? No of course not, but I have longed for a table.

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We move in just over a month and I already found a table. Is it fancy? Not really. Was it expensive? Absolutely not. Will I serve our first Christmas dinner in our new home on this table? I sure will. A table is what holds a family together, it's a meeting place, a safe place. Life decisions are made at tables, fights are had at tables, families are fed at tables. So forgive me when I say... It is more than a table.

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