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Maple Mountain Farm


Welcome to maple mountain farm! First thanks for joining my family and I on this crazy adventure we call life. My husband and I moved out the rural Mission, British Columbia six years ago and never looked back. He was raised in the neighbouring town on 5 acres and I in the centre of the same town. Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of living in the country and owning a farm. Now, living in the lower mainland of BC is no joke when it comes to real estate, so that dream shifted slightly. 

We bought our first home in 2015. A tiny, no seriously, a very tiny 2 bedroom rancher on 1/4 acre. This little house needed new… everything. Yes literally. Over the next 5 years we, with the help of my dad, put a new roof, hot water tank, kitchen, flooring, electrical into this little gem. Our last big project was to build my husband a shop, we did that and it was completed December of 2020, which is the same month we welcomed our baby boy into the world. 

As life would have it, raising an extremely needy, very spirited little boy during a pandemic has pushed us both to the brink of existence. I can say whole heartedly I wouldn’t change anything. Okay that’s a lie, I’d change the amount of sleep we get, which is currently none. 

Between the pandemic and the baby we had ourselves re-assessing what life needed to look like. So…we started shopping for a bigger home with more land. We found almost 5 acres with a cottage … and that’s a generous term. We placed an offer. We have always been open to huge projects and this would have been our biggest… It fell through. In hindsight this was a saving grace. I cannot imagine living in a tiny cabin while we built a house with this intense little boy. We had one other option to look at…. We called our Realtor and off we went. We walked in the front doors of a newer 3 bedroom rancher on 2.5 acres on the side of a mountain and we were sold. Is it perfect? No. But there is no more major projects for my poor husband who also has a job as a heavy duty mechanic that consumes many of hours daily. We placed an offer and it was accepted. Let the newest adventure begin! 

As we were packing up our little house I said to my husband, "I’m going to start selling micro greens in order to help our income out.  I’m also going to start a blog and work on sharing our homesteading life with the world. I want to help others make healthy wholesome food for their families the same way we always have.” He very quickly turned and looked me right in the eyes and said, “sounds like a good plan, if anyone can do it, you can. Oh, and let me know how I can help.”  First I was shook… was I really about to embark on the complete shift in career? I am a middle school Home Economics teacher by trade, but currently on an extended maternity leave. I really didn’t have much to lose. 

So here we are! Thanks for joining me on my adventures of sharing my homesteading life style with a side of sarcasm. 

Lindsay Gould

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